Monday, April 30, 2012

Another week...another quilt! And a path...

Well I spent the weekend working on another quilt for one of my grandchildren. This one is very girly because the recipient is very girly!

I hope to finish it this week, ready for her when she gets here for her visit to Nanie's.

While I was cleaning up and organizing my mom's ipad, I came across some wonderful photos she had stored in her photo file. I snagged some of them...I'm always thinking about what can go up in a post on the blog...and here's one for today.

This photo says so much. I like pictures that show a path. I have photographed many pathways and there's a lot to be said for "the path".  This photo also speaks to me about not walking the path alone. And we don't, thanks be to God.

The pathway is also well worn. Many have walked this path. Penguins that is...but in life, we are not the only ones walking the path we are on. Many have done the walk, are doing the walk. We are never alone in our journey.

Whatever your path right now, may you know the presence of the One who never leaves us to walk alone. That reminds me of a book I read years ago while I was on a certain "path". Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. I highly recommend this book.

I'm off for my walk. I'll take my camera with me. Never know what I'm going to see...and then I can share it with you.

Have a good day.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where did my Boots go?!

Don't you just love this photo? It was sent to me by a dear friend, who says it reminded her of me. I love the photo, but more than that I love the fact that I have a friend who knows me well enough to say, "This reminds me of you!"  What a treasure to have such a friend. She has moved away now, but as it is with good friends, you don't need to see each other every day. Even if it's been years since you've had a chat, you can pick up just like you spent time together yesterday.
These boots remind me of my friends. Colourful, different, present, willing to add beauty to the world, and blooming where they are planted! We aren't in each others' back pockets, but we share things, as good friends do, and trust each other with our joys and sorrows. We are witnesses to each other's lives and that is a privilege I hold dear. Good friends are a blessing.

I had coffee this morning with one of my dear friends and we haven't talked in months and months. Yet we picked up where we left off, shared the happy and the sad together, and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company over coffee. She leads a very busy, sacrificial life serving others. I admire her so! How sweet is this privelege of sitting down with her for a slice of time!

This Friday I will meet up with a group of women who I've been blessed to count as friends for the past 20+ years. We will share, and laugh, and tease, and cry, and eat together. What joy! We call ourselves a book club, but actually we stopped reading books a long time ago. So we are the non-book club I guess.

And there is another group of women I treasure. We share while we are busy doing our craft. Sometimes we go on road trips, sometimes we just meet for coffee, sometimes we meet to do what we love. Hands are busy making while we share one anothers' lives.

And there are the women in my life that are part of my family. Mother, sister, daughters, grand daughters, sisters-in-law, daughter-in-law. They are special treasures. Over time as we witness each other's lives, we grow through good times and bad. Because they are family, there are different dynamics that come into play down through the years. Navigating those dynamics with each other takes patience, understanding, love, forgiveness, and determination. But it is worth it. I love and am thankful for each and every woman in my family!

Anyhow...back to the boots. Aren't they cute? I am going to go out to the dollar store and buy some little rubber rain boots, fill them with soil, plant them up and nail them to the fence. Every time I look at them, I will think of my friends and say a little prayer of thanks to God for the blessing of friendship.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Many Trips Does it Take...

Honestly! All I need is a change in the tap handles in my laundry room. I'm not a very fussy person when it comes to my house. Some people have to have the newest, greatest, latest of everything. Not me. I love old houses and all the vintage that comes along with them. Well, at least, I have loved these old babes. I've lived in a few! But I'm finding that my frustration levels are growing as I live in our present old babe.

Take today, for instance. Well, the last few days actually. Problem:  I've got taps in my laundry room that are hard to "handle." (Sorry about that! :-)

They are hard to turn. I asked hubs to see if he could change the tap. "Go and get whachyawant" he tells me. So first trip to the home store sees me coming back with a shiny new tap that will be easy to turn off and on and even has a built in sprayer! Wow!  Long story short...didn't fit. Back to the store for a pleasant interaction with the returns desk clerk.

As I go back into the faucet section of the store, a new idea breaks into my head! Why not just change the handles to the paddle type, like they have in hospitals, etc. I purchase the handles that are labelled "universal" and home I go. Hubs likes the idea and spends several hours trying to fit them on. Guess what. Don't fit. (Anyone who knows Hubs knows he would rather have root canal than do this kind of work.) He ended up in a mood.

Second trip back to the returns desk.Since I've exhausted this store's offerings, my next brainwave is to visit the big box store down the street from the first store. See what they have. Voila! I find another faucet like the one I already have, but instead of old style turney handles, this one has paddles for handles. The installation will require Hubs (who does not like to do this type of thing) to remove the entire tap, disconnect the water supply, squeeze into a tiny space to do all this (I can just hear the expletives now!!!) and try to use the tools he has which are not plumbers tools. Oh my.

Maybe I'll call a plumber while Hubs is on the golf course tomorrow. Think I will. Peace at any cost!

That's what has been keeping me busy. I'm thinking a brand new shiny house with everything custom designed to our tastes is in our future.

Stay tuned!