Saturday, June 18, 2011

The hills are alive...

Well, in this case, the city is alive...with the sound of music....

This weekend our city celebrates with all kinds of music on the lakeside park. Bands in the band shell, a large parade with marching bands, rock concerts, jazz, all kinds of music. Many residents attend, many can hear the music if they live close to the downtown area, and many take off for the weekend because the downtown core becomes quite congested.

We enjoy the music from afar as we can hear it in our yard...and sometimes it is very pleasant. However sometimes we wonder at what some people call music.

I'm a music snob.  I thoroughly enjoyed the popular music of the 60's and 70's while growing up but as a grownup I much prefer classical and sacred music.

That's not to say that when I hear some 60's and 70's music, I don't enjoy that too. I do! Especially a good Beetles tune, or something from the Tapestry album, or even Simon and Garfunkel. I'm dating myself, I know.

Well, this morning DH and I have enjoyed coffee on the deck before the sun hits it, filled the bird feeders, watered the gardens and baskets and now as I blog, he is sorting through his trunk where he stores his clubs, shoes, golf balls, etc. Which puts me in mind to go out and get him some kind of trunk organizer for Father's Day. He's been the best Father...and husband. I am very thankful.

During the heat of the day I will enjoy my quilt studio and decide on a project to complete. I have told myself I must complete one quilt top (the quilting of it, I mean) before I begin another project. We'll see how that goes.  That Grace that I bought last week is calling my name. Going to make it up into the Lucky Stars pattern for a traditional Christmas Quilt.

Well, my friend, have an enjoyable weekend. Rest, refresh yourself, and look around your world to see what you can give thanks for. It is good for the soul.

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