Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pathways in Life

  I went for a walk yesterday morning before the heat of the day set in.
I came upon this pathway and found myself thinking about the different pathways life takes us on.

Right now, I'm on a sort of quiet, reflective path. I suppose some might say a stalled path, but I don't think so.

Waiting is never wasted.
Waiting doesn't mean standing still.
Waiting is hard work.

This photo of this path reminds me there are places to rest along the way. And we are allowed to rest.

This pathway has beauty along the way. I can't see too far ahead to know where it leads exactly, but I can see my present surroundings and live in the moment.

Pathways lead somewhere. They get us from point A to B. And if that's all we are interested in, we miss a whole lot along the way.

When I walked this path yesterday morning, I heard bird song that was new to me. I saw a family of ducks resting by the side of the creek. I saw evidence of an old stone wall that once divided lawn from wood. I wondered how many little children had once played along that wall...

I enjoyed the journey. And when I came to the end of the path, I had been refreshed in spirit. So while the path led somewhere, it also had something to give me along the way.

Life's pathways, no matter how pleasant or difficult, have lessons for us. Being attentive to those lessons helps us along on the journey.

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