Saturday, June 11, 2011

Feels Like Being at a Cottage

The weather, that is. Today is cloudy, a bit cooler than it has been. I think it is going to be a siesta afternoon here. If the siesta doesn't happen (cause sometimes I just don't fall asleep) then it's a cup of tea and down to the quilt studio. Maybe there are some good movies on this afternoon while I quilt...

I'm going to be making a cute Christmas quilt with a friend...I'll show you my progress as we go along. It is designed by Bunny Hill designs. Sew cute! My friend ordered it from here. And sew appropriate as it tells the story of the night before Christmas and the little mouse that was in the house.

I also have a snowman quilt that I would like to start. And another block of the month snowman quilt that needs to be quilted. How many Christmas quilts does one need? Maybe each room in the house needs one!  And why am I thinking about Christmas just as we are going into a beautiful summer? I'm trying to plan ahead. In the past I've waited until fall to start thinking about my Christmas quilting, and the fall is so much fun with so many things to do once the weather cools down that the time gets away from me.

So this year I guess I'm getting a jump on it. I'm determined to have Christmas quilts all over the house this year!

By the way have you seen Grace by Moda sewn up in the Lucky Stars pattern? Soooo tempting...just sayin. Have a pleasant and restful weekend, my friend.

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