Monday, June 20, 2011

Time to Sew

After a very busy weekend, and with a full day of no appointments (yay!) I'm going down to spend the entire day in the quilt studio.

And the fun thing is...I'm going to actually quilt a quilt. I have to diminish my pile of quilt tops before I can start a new project. Helps me reduce the stress of UFO's.

And seeing as today is another beautiful day with NO humidity (hate humidity!) I will grab my camera and go down to the water later on this afternoon when the light is perfect, and do some shooting. Maybe some people watching on the boardwalk. Might even take Maggie. She loves the boardwalk.

The sermon yesterday challenged us to practice self awareness. I'm overdue for an inventory and some serious analysis. So, along with my camera, my dog, and my latte, I will take my Bible and journal. Sounds like a plan.

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