Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Sayin...

Hi: Been busy. At the start of the week, I had only one engagement. Then my week got very busy. That's the way it always happens.

     Life seems to speed on. Where do the days go?

              When I was a little girl, the days seemed to drag on forever. I think it was because I never thought about what was next. I totally lived in the present.

   We are almost at the end of June. Wasn't it just yesterday (Just a sec, I have to turn off  these two chatty cathy's on sportsline) that we were waiting for the snow to melt? Where does the time go?

I'm convinced that the older I get, the quicker time actually goes. It's not an illusion. I am convinced.

        Tomorrow I'm sewing with the girls. And it will be Friday already! I'm starting a Christmas quilt. I'm 
quite excited about this one. I've done the pattern before and it comes together quickly. Time marches on towards Christmas...a little too quickly now for my liking. But what can you do?

Speaking of time, some day we will be living outside of time. Interesting thought. I guess there are no clocks in heaven. What will life be like...without time. Or with all the time in the universe? Will that saying even be relevant in heaven? I'm not quilt ready (which is a word that deals with "time") to be there yet...but sometimes I let my mind wander...

     Just sayin...



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