Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Was that a Robin on my feeder? No..Cardinal!

Spring can't come soon enough. Today, my feeder is heavily visited by cardinals, finches, sparrows, and the morning doves hunt and peck on the ground beneath the feeder for bits of fallen seeds. The squirrels are busy gathering the toast crusts that I threw out on to the lawn after breakfast. There's something in the air this morning....and it smells like spring! I think I'll go for a walk with Maggie and Jim and take in the show! Isn't God amazing? The changing seasons, the different smells that come on the winds of the air, the little creatures that react to the changing seasons...all this reminds me that God does see the little sparrow and he provides for his creatures. How creative is our God! And how he loves the sheep of his pasture - you and me. How he loves to provide our needs. I am reminded with great joy this morning that God delights in us.

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