Friday, March 5, 2010

With Glowing Hearts

I became an instant sports fan (which for those of you who know me will surprise you greatly!) as I watched the Olympic events on TV. I found myself waking up each morning and tuning in to watch Seamus deliver his thoughts of the previous day, and tuning in during the day to see what was happening. I watched each and every event that was broadcast and at times I had to laugh at myself as I jumped up and down and cheered on the athletes. Here I was, all alone in the house, acting like a real sports fan. Yesterday I picked up a copy of MacLean's commemorative Olympic issue. What a read with story after story, and picture after picture of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. As I read through the magazine, I felt so proud to be a Canadian, so proud to be living in a country that is multi-cultural, has a reputation for peace-keeping, and is known for helping rather than conquering. We definitely know who we are not, and over the last month or so, I am beginning to believe (got my t-shirt!) that Canadians are beginning to know and express to the world who we are! And for those of you who know me, of course that thought leads to some theological reflection. The Vancouver Olympics was an event that brought out of Canadians something that was in them all along, and they stood proud and strong, showing the world who they were. What would it take, what event might happen, that would make the Church stand up and shout to the world who they are? The world has labeled Christians and I for one don't like the label they've assigned. We work quietly and often under the radar. Lots of good has been done in the name of Jesus over the generations. Often, though, it is the one radical, misguided action of a Christian or group of Christians that gets the press. So back to my original thought. What would it take to make our hearts so glow. After all, we have eternity in our hearts and that should cause a glow that the world can't help but notice!

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