Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is Love a Fancy...or a Feeling...

"I've never received a single valentine", says Charlie Brown to Lucy. "I'd dogpaddle the entire ocean for you", says Snoopy to his valentine.
 I remember the excitement of Valentines Day when I was a kid. We would purchase a little package of paper valentines, spend an evening addressing them, and at school the next day deliver them to our classmates.
The teacher would host a classroom party with cinnamon heart candies and Freshie in little dixie cups. Then we would deliver our valentines to our classmates, depositing them in the brown paper bags taped to the back of the chairs. At the end of the day, each of us took home our little paper bags filled with the paper valentines we had received from our friends.

Do kids still do this? Or are all their valentines sent via cyber space...

There is something special about receiving something you can hold in your hands. It would be fun to purchase one of those little packages of valentines (if they still make them) and send a paper valentine to each of my friends...via snail mail. Maybe next year.

Happy Valentines Day to you, my friend.

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