Thursday, February 10, 2011

Meeting Old Friends

Yesterday while I was out and about, I snuck into Tim Horton's with my mom for a quick coffee. As we entered, she noticed some old friends in a group chatting. Turns out they were friends of my parents when I was a kid, and one of them was my Sunday School teacher. The funny thing is, this person had been on my mind for the last few days. I had wondered what she was up to, and reflecting on her influence in my life, thanking God for the time she dedicated to me and my siblings so long ago. It was a divine appointment, I guess. I left there wondering if that is what it is going to be like in heaven upon arrival...being greeted by loved ones, friends, and acquaintances who have passed through our lives. Wow! I'm looking forward to that!  But I'm here now, and with another cold, Canadian winter day to spend, I'm going to go for a short walk (too cold to be out long!) with Maggie and cultivate a thankful attitude for all those people who have shared a bit of themselves for my benefit.

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