Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's on the wall?

I did a $10 quilt last year and I've been working on putting it together. Right now it is resting on my wall.

I have decided that I really like red. It seems to be in every quilt I make. I'm attracted to red everywhere. Maybe it is just that it is so grey and dull outside during the winter, I don't know. And red goes with everything! Red is life. Red grabs your attention. Red is February. Red is love. Red is tulips in a spring garden. Red is on our Canadian Flag! Red mittens.

Red stop signs. Something red in every room makes a statement. Red stimulates. Red is hot! Red is heart!

Red lipstick...well not at my age LOL. My new shade is Loreal's Colour Riche #501...Mauve something or other. Plumps and shines, and makes older lips look young again. Mauve is the new red for us ladies who are 50 plus.

Have a "red" letter day!

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