Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Royal Wedding

July 29th, 1981. On that day, I got my little girls up in the middle of the night and we watched the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana. I think I even put on a pot of tea. No scones and Devon Creme though.

This April 29th, I will once again get up in the middle of the night (will I really have to? What time is the wedding?) to watch Prince William marry his chosen one. What an affair! Maybe I'll even dress up, wear a funky hat or something. 

Unlike years ago, with this wedding we can log on to a website and follow closely all the preparations, see pictures, follow tweets, and Like on Facebook.

Royalty, Princes, Princesses, Pomp and Ceremony, Kingdoms...all the stuff of fairy tales? No so.

There is a heavenly Kingdom, a King of Kings, a Royal City, a throne...and the One who sits upon it is coming again. I've been reading the book of Revelation over the past month and needless to say, I've needed my commentaries close by. Much of the content of the book has left me with many questions. John saw what he saw, and what he saw and heard, he recorded.

As I finished the last few paragraphs of the book last night, I allowed my questions to rest at the feet of the One who sits on the Throne. He knows the future...and that is enough for me. After all, He's the King.

In the end I have concluded that while the book is mysterious, it presents the reigning King in glorious splendour. This earthly Prince's wedding will no doubt be full of pomp and ceremony and wondrous splendour. But it will be nothing in comparison to what we will see some day.  And someday we will see as we've never seen before.


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