Thursday, May 26, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Well, I never made it down to the quilt studio. DD needed some help with the twins, so of course DH and I enjoyed a day of play with them. So sweet...watching them play in the back yard, exploring Papa's car, Nana's car, going for a walk in the wagon, walking the dog, etc., etc. I'd give up a day of quilting for spending time with our grandkiddies anytime! Just wish the other 6 lived closer so that we could do the same with them. They are always in our hearts!

Today, it is off to the quilt store with a dear friend. I don't know what I enjoy more...the pleasure of the company and the visit as we travel, or fondling the fabric. I think it is obvious. The company of a dear friend, of course!

Batiks are on sale! We will play for a few hours and make our purchases. I wonder if we will have to visit the people at the border on our way through?

I cross several times a month and I swear they are getting to know who I am. I've had some great chats with the US border guards. One woman was very curious about where I was going to buy fabric. She said her mother comes across to Canada to attend a $10 dollar quilt class once a month. She was going to pass on to her mother my suggestion of my favorite quilt store in Buffalo. Then there was the border guard who was shocked to hear us say we were quilters and we were going to buy fabric. "Don't you have fabric stores in Canada?"  We replied that we did, but prices in his great country were 1/2 what we pay up here and it only made sense to visit his great country and make our purchases there. We left him shaking his head.

Well, must dash! Have a happy day!

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