Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Time Is It?!

It is time I spent a day ~ a whole day ~ down in the quilt studio to make some decent headway on some half completed projects. I get so easily sidetracked by all the other things that need to be done...gardening (it's that time of year!), housework, cooking, bbsitting the grandkiddies (hardly mind!), etc., etc.

So today I will do it. I will take the day to quilt. Sounds like a plan...but we'll see.

I'm currently working on a dresden plate quilt - I was inspired by Edyta Sitar's beautiful wall hanging using dresdens. Mine is going to finish quite a bit bigger - maybe lap size - as my dresdens are larger than hers.

And then there is the pile waiting to be quilted...I think there are at least 10 quilt tops just staring at me from the bottom shelf. They wait there patiently while I create new quilt tops. I must knuckle down and do some actual machine quilting. Would be nice to sit and sew on some bindings which is my all time favorite part of the quilting experience - but I need a completed quilt to bind! Must get busy.

Enjoy your day. Remember to count your blessings!

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